About my Ukuleles


I currently design wood artwork and do fine woodworking at my studio, Steven Bailey Art, in the Casket Arts Building located in NE Minneapolis. In the design of my Ukuleles I focus on making a very high quality sounding instrument with very detailed construction. I am not at this time using bindings or other decorative embellishments though I do add a few details. The ultimate goal is to make a very high quality sounding instrument made of solid woods at an affordable price.


I currently only make Tenor ukuleles


I try to use as much recycled or reclaimed woods as possible. I have a Koa board (6 1/2 bd ft) that was brought from Hawaii over 20 years ago. I have very old reclaimed Redwood that I have been saving since for many years. The Cherry, Spanish Cedar, Sapelle, and Mahogany I used are all sustainable and much of it is currently saved pieces from artwork or furniture projects over the years. I re-saw all my own Ukulele sets which gives me the chance to make use of almost all the wood.